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Virality doesn't guarantee a thing.

Tired of shouting into the void of social media, competing for attention with cat videos and avocado toasts? We get it. As an aspiring musician, your voice deserves more. That's where Floede steps in – a hub for creators like you, where your music, art and creativity doesn't get lost in the chaos.



Our tagging system lets you dive deep into wide range of specialist making sure you connect with the right collaborators. No more settling for generic searches – say hello to precision and discover with purpose.


Ever wished for a virtual stage to showcase your collaborations? With Bisses, tag the artists you've harmonized with on creative projects. Let your profile sing the stories of your collaborations, giving others a glimpse into the magic you've crafted together.


We believe in a community dedicated to serious artistry. With Verifications, showcase your commitment to professionalism. Stand out by proving you're here to share your craft, collaborate, and take center stage. Join a platform where serious artists shine.

Make the right first impressions.

Don't count on getting job through countless emails. Every two weeks, we publish information about new gigs, projects, collaborations, and other professional activities that are seeking creatives. Take part by uploading your content and thereby monetize your portfolio. Our goal is to create a hub that opens previously closed doors, connects hard-to-access places, and revolutionizes the way we build new pathways for talent.

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For every budget.

We're keeping the platform free to use. You can register, publish & chat without any addicional costs. To apply for gigs & contest we charge a minimum fee of 6 euros per biss application. If you're intrested in orginising a biss please reach us as at

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