Support FAQ

A section for the most common questions or issues users may have.

Account and Profile

How do I create an account on Floede?

To create an account, download the Floede app from your app store, then open the app and follow the on-screen instructions to sign up. You'll need to provide some basic information and choose your profession, from 1 to 3 skills that you are developing, bio, profile and background picture as well as your first portfolio content.

What should I include in my bio?

Your bio is a great place to share a brief introduction about yourself, your art, and your interests. You can also include links to your personal website and other social media platforms to help others learn more about you and your work.

Posting and Interactions

How do I post content on my wall?

To post content for your portfolio, navigate to the 'plus' section located in the middle of the navigation bar (low end of your phone) and click on the plus icon. From there, you can choose to upload either videos, audio files, or pictures, add captions, and share your portfolio with the community.

How do I tag someone in a collaboration post?

When posting content that is a collaboration, you can tag other users by entering their username in the tag section of the post creation process. Entered letters should propose profiles under the typed word. This will link the post to their profile under the 'Collaborations' section.

Networking and Opportunities

How can I use the search engine to find artists or content?

Use the search engine to find artists by their profession or country. Simply enter the relevant keywords in the search bar, and the app will display matching profiles and content.

How can I personalise my search engine with the filter option?

After typing a word or just clicking on any of the options listed in the search engine in the top right corner of the app there will appear a filter icon. You can use that to personalise your search and make it much more precise.

What are 'Bisses' and how do I use this feature?

'Bisses' is your go-to place for job opportunities, collaborations, and market insights curated by the Floede team. Check this section regularly for updates and new postings that can help advance your career in the art industry.

Safety and Privacy

How do I report inappropriate content or behavior on the app?

If you encounter inappropriate content or behavior, please use the report feature that is located in the post (three dots icon) or contact our support team directly through the app's contact form. We are committed to maintaining a safe and respectful community.

Technical Support

I'm experiencing technical issues with the app, what should I do?

If you're facing technical difficulties, we recommend turning the app off and on. If the issue persists, please reach out to our support team for assistance and describing the problem. This will help us improve the quality and build of the platform.

Learning and Development

Where can I find tutorials or resources to improve my skills?

Our YouTube channel is a great resource for tutorials and learning materials. Additionally, engaging with other artists on the app and participating in collaborations can be a valuable way to learn new skills and techniques.

Contact Information

How users can get in touch with support staff if they need personalized help.

Reach out to us under

Community Forum

If applicable, a place where users can discuss issues and solutions with each other.

Talk with us under our own forum on reddit.

Feature Request

A space where users can suggest new features or improvements.

Drop dow your requests for new features and improvements through our reddit forum or via our mail:

Updates and Announcements

Information about new features, updates, maintenance periods, etc.

To receive updates, information about new features sign up to our newsletter here.

Safety and Security

Tips on how users can keep their accounts safe.

For now you can only log in or register within our platform. Anyone asking on behalf of Floede outside of the app for you personal or login details can be considered harmful.

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Links to legal information regarding the use of your app.

Privacy Policy Page